MOTI Website Tip: Users

Users – Everyone We moved the Media Library from the main user Dashboard for Coaches and Players. We were seeing new users opening items in the Media Library vs opening the Practice Plan. Media Library is still available via the menu options.

Users – Coaches Recently, MOTI enhanced the process for coaches to view practice plans. In the past when the coach viewed the list of practice plans and opened one, we assumed that the coach was going to “edit” the practice plan. We’ve changed this assumption that Coaches want to view a plan, We’ve added an option to the Menu of Actions you can take with any Practice Plan as a Coach, you can “view” it. If you click the name, you will go to view it vs edit it as in the past. READ MORE

MOTI Tip : Web & App View Modes

You know that our MOTI Soccer App (previously known as MOTI Mobile) runs in two modes, the Web View mode which shows the contents of the team Dashboard via the Internet and the App View mode which shows the Announcement(s) and the 3D media elements contained in the currently scheduled practice plan.

App View also has a few controls at top of the screen. The Settings icon  allows you to view some settings and status of the app itself and the 3 dots (menu) allow you to log out of the system. READ MORE

MOTI Style of Play

MOTI Style of Play

The MOTI style of play can best be described as ‘TOTAL SOCCER’ each component is intertwined and produces another completion of the games jigsaw board or building block foundation. The MOTI style of play was introduced to many of these concepts by some of the World’s best National Team Coaches and Club Coaches at the Professional level. One of the MOTI staff played for 7 different National team head coaches. This MOTI training program is dedicated to all the good people in the game that have influenced, mentored and helped guide the MOTI coaching staff in an attempt to understand the game. We are all still learning from the game and will update and modify these TOTAL SOCCER renderings. We hope these ideas assist you along your path. MOTI is available to personally go over these concepts and assist you in problem solving. READ MORE

MOTI Welcomes You to Coaching the Game of Soccer

Welcome to Coaching the Game of Soccer

Are you a new coach involved with Soccer for the first time asking – What do I do now?

What follows will give you enough pointers to begin coaching and give you a solid foundation to plan practices, identify and teach relevant soccer skills that will hopefully lead to bolstering your involvement in and ultimate enjoyment of the great game of soccer.

Soccer is a game of great skill and technique if it is to be played correctly and enjoyed immensely. When first starting out it is important, as a coach, that you not try to instruct the new player too much at one time. In the initial stages of development your concentration should be focused on having your players familiarize themselves with fundamental ball handling techniques. It is important that young players learn to control the ball with different body surfaces such as feet, thighs and chest. Being able to comfortably juggle the ball on all surfaces of the body is a natural progression to close ground control. Creating positive practice environments, especially during the beginning sessions, and allowing players to experience the many moves and technique skill sets together as a team is vital. Only with perseverance and repetitions will players attain the feel and touch required to have maximum control of their body and the ball. READ MORE

MOTI Tip: What does the App do, and why should I use it?

The MOTI Soccer App is a free, but very powerful App designed to work with our cloud based platform ( and provide a real time 3D viewing experience of our 3D Skills and 3D Drills. The MOTI Soccer App has three functional components.

  • Thin Internet Browser – This provides direct viewing of the information, it eliminates players and coaches from “wondering around” the internet thus providing a safe & secure environment for youth to use.
  • 3D Technical Skills – This plays the 3D Technical Skills (Foot Skills) allowing the coach or player to rotate around the Skill being demonstrated, from any viewing perspective in the Mobile App via a gaming engine technology (in the future this will lead in the future to a better visual learning experience). This method enhances visual learning while significantly reducing or entirely eliminating “data streaming” which uses up your mobile data plan. It is much simpler to ship a very small file than stream a large video stream.
  • 3D Tactical Skills – This plays the 3D Tactical Drills (activities, simulations) and allows the player or coach to rotate and view the drill / activity / simulation from any perspective needed to comprehend the drill. This is implemented in a gaming engine technology, which in the future will provide for significant enhancement of viewing and understanding.

Two items to note. First when viewing a 3D element (Skill or Drill) once it has been viewed, it will not be downloaded again, unless the MOTI MOBILE App is reset. Second the re-flash of the MOTI Blue Logo Screen that you see between viewing the Practice Plan and viewing a 3D Skill or Drill, is simply the app, refreshing the contents of the Thin Internet Browser. READ MORE

Is the sky falling on Soccer Development in the USA?

Is the sky falling on Soccer Development in the USA

With the failure of the US Men’s National Team not making the World Cup in Russia the focus by many expert pundits from around the World are questioning the quality of player developed by the USA system. The USA is not the only Team/Country to fail to get ticket to Russia take power house Nations like Italy, the Netherlands, Chile plus 100’s of others who came up short. When the USMNT lost to Trinidad and Tobago the defeat matched up to many unlikely combinations of results that blanked the USA out of the World Cup finals for the first time since 1986. The 2-1 loss to the CONCACAF Hexagonal Groups bottom team sent the USA into 5th place and elimination. One of the many questions being posed is how can we improve the quality of the game in the USA. ESPN and Gabriele Marcotti tries to give 7 points of reference on with a great piece called ‘Understanding why the US failed to qualify for the World Cup an outsider’s point of view’. READ MORE

COACH’S CORNER: Tackling a Practice Plan

COACH’S CORNER: Tackling a Practice Plan

When you first start coaching – be it your initial foray as a parent coach or the beginning of a new season with a new team for a more seasoned recreational coach, figuring out what to cover in a practice can be daunting. This is often especially true after you have seen them in their first competition – the list of “things they need to work on” feels endless. But you’ve got to start somewhere, and its best to go in with a plan.

First, give some thought to the skills you would like to introduce and the topics you would generally like to cover over the span of the season and work from there. Be realistic and age/developmentally appropriate with your expectations and goals. READ MORE