MOTI Website Tip: The Practice Plan – Creating or Modifying

Plan It, Schedule It, See It, Do It

If you are a Coaching Director, Recreation Director, Coach, Volunteer Parent Coach, or Player, you all have a responsibility to make practice time on the pitch productive and fun.

Plan It

While not all of you have a role in the specifics of “Planning It” [Creating a Practice Plan], those that do are:

Coaching Director or Recreational Director

Coach [Note some clubs have already done this work for the Coaches; if so, go to “Schedule It”]

Do this step via a Desktop or Laptop computer “NOT via a Mobile Device” READ MORE

Slow Motion Ball – for Soccer Adaptive PhyEd

A few years ago, MOTI Sports visited with Pamela Skogsatd regarding the innovative Soccer Ball she developed for teaching soccer to students needing adaptive physical education and players with special developmental needs. They benefited from using a ball when struck and would not roll as far as a normal ball.

We believe in her product. We mention it here in our newsletter as it supports a wide range of players’ needs in the training and educational community for Teachers.

By Pamela Skogstad (B.S., M.A., C.A.P.E) – Reprint with permission READ MORE

Why does US Soccer ignore teaching youth players foot skills?

Commentary by Gordy Thomas

Why does US Soccer ignore teaching youth players soccer foot skills? I’ve spent many hours over the years watching and observing how youngsters learn to develop skills as they grow in their primary years. It amazes me that the US Soccer community turns a blind eye to their development until they reach the age of 10+ or become competitive (it’s always competitive in the kid’s eyes).

 It is amazing how quickly young children can absorb, master, and retain new skills they develop. They are eager to please parents and coaches alike, showing what they have learned. READ MORE

Fake Shot Inside 1v1

Fake Shot Inside 1v1

The Soccer Foot Skill Fake Shot Inside 1v1 is used when a defender is immediately in front of the player with the ball, to protect the ball.

Learn about another skill: Poke Tackle 1v1

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Minute with Merrick EP09 – Procrastination (Why Change)

MWM EP09 – Procrastination

Coach Alan Merrick reminds all of us at the end of a season or year and the beginning of a new season, why “Change” is so difficult to initiate. Every time we change something so it improves, maybe we could have waited.

Watch Minute with Merrick Episode 8 here

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4v4v4 Quick Combination Play

4v4v4 Quick Combination Play

Learn – 4v4v4 Quick Combination Play

Quick combination play focuses on attacking possession, the ability of players, and players always looking and finding space. This is part of our High School Training for Coaches Curriculum, part of the Rondo and Possession Series referenced here:

Learn about another activity: Shooting 5v5v5 Crosses on Goal

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