Soccer Training Platform benefits for your club or teams

With MOTI Sports' Soccer Training Platform, players and coaches have access to 3D drills, techniques, and practice plans. Players learn faster, coaches have better practices, and teams see more success.

Training platform for individual coaches

Soccer Training Platform for individual coaches

An option for individual teams or coaches wanting a better experience. Individual coaches can customize practices to work on specific plays, drills, and techniques. You can share practice plans with your team before or after practice, depending on your preference. Players can access included MOTI 3D simulations and techniques anytime, from anywhere.

Training platform for clubs

Soccer Training Platform for clubs

Clubs can count on consistency in communication and knowledge across all their coaches, regardless of experience. This platform equips your coaches with practice plans and drills they can choose from or plans and drills can be chosen by the club and then distributed to each individual coach. Coaches will have a wealth of data and knowledge they can access, as well as a team page to make communicating simple. With many users across several teams, our program can be a cost-effective way to help manage your coaches, as well as your club’s expectations.

Player training apps

Player training apps

Players learn by watching and practicing. MOTI Sports has multiple player training apps filled with 3D animated videos. Available in 2 languages on Android and in English in iOS. Download these today for your skills development.

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