Rondo with Wall Pass and Overlap

Rondo with Wall Pass and Overlap Drill – Activity

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MOTI Support Bot

Introducing the MOTI Support Bot. We are proud to announce that the MOTI Soccer app now includes a built-in Chat Support. The Support Bot was developed to assist you, while using the app, with app support and to help you out when you may have questions or general soccer queries.

Just press the ? (question mark circle button) and select from the options provided or start with a one word search and then add words as needed.

You can also access real-time help from MOTI Support, when there is a live agent available.

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MOTI Soccer App – New Practice Plan Menu Update

As you sign in to the MOTI Soccer App you may notice a different look in our Practice Plan, as we improve the user experience with the addition of “Skill & Drill Menus”.

Below is the evolution of the Practice Plan Landing Page.

  • Version 1 – Always had the Team Announcement Board open to read (people had to slide down to read the plan)
  • Version 2 – Minimized the Announcement Board. This allowed for users to see more of the plan, but required the Announcement Board to be Maximized for reading
  • Version 3 – The addition of images representing Foot Skills and Drills. This allows you to slide your finger back and forth while touching the images to quickly find the one you are looking for, and Tap on the image will launch the animation. You can still slide down the Practice Plan to read the notes on each activity to the player & coach.
  • Version 4 – This is the Practice Plan with the Announcement Board open

Version 1 Version 2 Version 3 Version 4

Legend of the Practice Plan

The Practice Plan is where you will arrive when you join a team in the MOTI™ Soccer Training Platform via the MOTI Soccer App.

We continue to enhance the user experience we thought it appropriate to refresh what each of these Icon(s) represent.

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MOTI Tip: What does the App do, and why should I use it?

The MOTI Soccer App is a free, but very powerful App designed to work with our cloud based platform ( and provide a real time 3D viewing experience of our 3D Skills and 3D Drills. The MOTI Soccer App has three functional components.

  • Thin Internet Browser – This provides direct viewing of the information, it eliminates players and coaches from “wondering around” the internet thus providing a safe & secure environment for youth to use.
  • 3D Technical Skills – This plays the 3D Technical Skills (Foot Skills) allowing the coach or player to rotate around the Skill being demonstrated, from any viewing perspective in the Mobile App via a gaming engine technology (in the future this will lead in the future to a better visual learning experience). This method enhances visual learning while significantly reducing or entirely eliminating “data streaming” which uses up your mobile data plan. It is much simpler to ship a very small file than stream a large video stream.
  • 3D Tactical Skills – This plays the 3D Tactical Drills (activities, simulations) and allows the player or coach to rotate and view the drill / activity / simulation from any perspective needed to comprehend the drill. This is implemented in a gaming engine technology, which in the future will provide for significant enhancement of viewing and understanding.

Two items to note. First when viewing a 3D element (Skill or Drill) once it has been viewed, it will not be downloaded again, unless the MOTI MOBILE App is reset. Second the re-flash of the MOTI Blue Logo Screen that you see between viewing the Practice Plan and viewing a 3D Skill or Drill, is simply the app, refreshing the contents of the Thin Internet Browser.

MOTI Tip: Using 3D Animation Controls

When Viewing a 3D Skill or 3D Drill in the MOTI Soccer app, there are many available controls to enable you to view from the perspective you want to view from. The 3D animations are at the bottom of the screen in any orientation. We recommend viewing the 3D Skill 3D Skill in Portrait mode and the 3D Drill 3D Drill in landscape mode. The controls at the bottom of the screen, from left to right: Loop (tells the app to continuous play), Single Frame Back (moves the animation to the prior frame), Play (plays the animation it the forward time direction), Single Frame Forward (moves the animation to the next frame), Eye – opens a list of various positions for viewing, like Bird’s Eye) and Character – reserved for a future release. Remember as you maneuver around the 3D area using the Joy Stick on the Right side of the screen and the Elevation Control on the Left side of the screen. Pinching and Spreading your fingers on the screen will also allow Zoom in and out. Moving your finger across the screen will also change your Point of View (POV).