Why Animation?

Why 3D Animation for teaching youth players 6- 12 years old?

MOTI Sports began as a project between an NFL Football Coach and an animator. The Coach was trying to solve the problem of “why are my players not looking at the X’s & O’s diagrams and studying them in their 3-ring notebooks”, but they will watch Madden Football.

MOTI Sports created a patented 2D to 3D drawing tool that creates 3D animated drills/scenarios/activities for sports coaches and players to watch and gain understanding of the strategy presented.

MOTI Sports also uses MOTION Capture to record techniques and skills that players need to learn and master to be able to play the sport well.

MOTI Sports creates 3D Animations for teach youth sports to coaches and players because of these benefits:

  1. Players ages 6 to 9 relate to Animated Characters – because it is easy to see themselves as that character.
  2. Animated stories can teach Empathy – as youth envision themselves as a character in the story, they attach their emotions to that character and learn how they feel in a situation.
  3. Animations are a Multi Sensory teaching tool – players SEE and HEAR what the character is doing. 3D animation allows the player to sense this learning from any perspective.
  4. Animations separate the youth’s behavior from their person – when comfortable with the animated character it is easy for youth to envision themselves as that character. If that character can do a technique or skill youth, they believe they can do the technique or skill,. Seeing a video of an adult doing the skill does not transfer that belief that the youth can do that skill..Youth know adults can do things they are not physically capable of.
  5. Youth Imitate Character’s Behavior and Actions  – ever see youth acting out a cartoon character behavior or action? It happens all the time. Youth absorb sports skills the same way.
  6. Animations are an effective way to Convey Information – as youth become comfortable with a character, they focus on the message or actions being conveyed vs the person or environment presented in a video. 
  7. Animations are a way to Engage Youth –  when youth are entertained they are engaged. If youth are watching an animation and they see some movement by a character does not conform, but is later corrected, they become engaged with Empathy. They also learn that correcting movement is acceptable form of behavior. They will watch for it.
  8. Animated Stories create a Shared Viewing Experience – when watched as a group or even individually, one of the best ways to teach is to have a common story everyone sees and can talk about. Animations provide that safe story where the actions of the characters can be taken about.
  9. Animations are a Powerful Social Learning Platform – animated characters present a safe method of discussing actions and making corrections to them, without singling out an individual.
  10. Animations provide time to coaches and players to transition – showing an animation of a drill / activity during a water break to youth is a great way to allow everyone to do a mental reset and visioning for the next activity.

Through the years with computer 3D animation we can now create the perfect movement or Skill/Technique for players to Imitate.

MOTI Sports has motion captured the primary, intermediate, and advanced Foot Skills/Techniques for Soccer for youth to train with. We have created 3D Animations of Activities for coaches to use themselves and with players creating a “reverse-classroom” on the pitch.

MOTI Soccer App – Sole Lateral Roll – 2021

MOTI Soccer App – Sole Lateral Roll Skill

MOTI Sports Soccer Training

MOTI Sports Soccer Training Platform Promotional Video with Jemma Merrick.

It’s Time To Make A Change

February and March allow most organizations to pause and reflect a bit.  Board meetings will bring up new topics, as new board members come on board and try to rejuvenate the organization’s leadership. High School awards banquets or Club banquets celebrate the players and coaching achievements, and often the parental involvement for being supporters of their players.  Many organizations are beginning to work hard to improve skills with their competitive players, and in some cases, that is in-doors.

The buzz among soccer coaching directors, recreational directors, and organizational leadership  revolves around several questions regarding training, retaining and growing youth players in that 13+ age range.

  • How do we increase the percentage of players in recreation moving up to competitive, to greater than 30%?
  • How do we decrease the fall off of the 60-70% of the players at age 13+ that leave the game?
  • Should we try the Play-Practice-Play methodology to increase the “Fun” factor in hopes of both retaining players and improving their soccer skill set?
  • How do we continue to provide advanced skills, techniques and tactics to players as they grow past the “parent coach” expertise level?

Yet, the conclusion is as you walk around and listen to the conversations, nothing seems to be breaking this pattern.

At MOTI Sports, we believe young players in recreation need to begin learning a solid foundation of foot skills/techniques.  

As young players begin to learn basic ball handling techniques, it becomes apparent their confidence and self-esteem increases.  Success from maintaining possession grows proportionally with the close ball skill handling, passing lane awareness and increasing the rapid movement of the ball between team-mates.  They develop the skills to beat their opponent and learn to restrict the player movements of opposing players.  They experience success, and it continues to grow.

During this lull between seasons, consider making a change. Bringing in skills training at the lower level of recreational soccer really helps players (and their parents) get involved in their own development if they have a mind to do that.

Change the stigma, so success is measured on the players’ ability to play, and not on their family’s ability to travel and pay for experienced coaching. Create community opportunities for solid recreational league 13+ (non-traveling) play so that players who cannot afford or parents, who don’t have the spare time to drive everywhere, have a viable socially acceptable alternative.

Hey, bring players back into the community, don’t make them leave.

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Diamond Passing Drill

MOTI Sports Diamond Passing Drill as viewed in the MOTI Soccer app. Get the MOTI Soccer app for Android | iOS.

Sorrowful in Seattle: Minnesota soccer fans have seen this one before

Aug. 11, 1976: Alan Merrick, captain of the Minnesota Kicks, hoisted his son, Adam, 4 years old, for a victory wave after the Kicks stomped the Los Angeles Aztecs 6-2 to win the western division championship in the North American Soccer League in …

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MOTI Youth Soccer Summit 2020

MOTI Sports is hosting an online soccer conference and we want you to come. Join us on Wednesday, December 17th to watch demonstrations, follow discussions, and learn about staying relevant in the ever-changing sports environment.

Featured Speakers include; Skip Gilbert – CEO US Youth Soccer, Ian Barker – Director of Education United Soccer Coaches Association, Dr. Ben Schwamberger Associate Professor of Physical Education & School Health Program Department of Human Performance Minnesota State University.

SAVE THE DATE: Youth Soccer Summit

DATE: December 17, 2020 12:00-1:00pm (cst)

Register for the Summit

Visit the Official MOTI Soccer Summit 2020 page: https://motisports.com/soccer-summit.php

Keeping Kids Active – Emotionally Satisfying for everyone

As the season for playing soccer comes to an end and we enter the holidays, it is a great time to get players and students involved in the development of their foot skills. We all know if left alone a lot of sedentary time will occur around the house with players and students as they try to “relax”. Over the course of a few days, inactivity and lack of a routine to follow players and students will become irritable. Without steady exercise, it begins to affect family interactions as well. As humans, we are designed to be active. As parents, without activity, you can see firsthand the emotional effect on the players and students.

We are suggesting a solution that is working for youth.
Virtual Soccer Training allows youth in a small area to work on their foot skills in an internet video conference enhanced not only with a licensed coach, but also the MOTI Mobile App to provide those needed visual mental repetitions of how the skills are performed

Most internet training scenarios rely on a coach or player to demonstrate skills once or twice, maybe in a video. Our method allows youth to watch the skill on the MOTI Mobile App during the training session and as often as they desire on their own between classes.

If you are not able to afford our app (Skills begin free) or our class (costing about $8 per hour), we encourage you to have your player grab a ball for at least 20 minutes a day and go where they can practice and work on their foot skills and burn some calories.

It will improve their attitude and yours as a parent.

MOTI Sports Virtual Soccer Training is a coaching service that provides in-depth instruction to youth soccer players.

November sessions starting on the 30th (Mondays) are currently available. December sessions starting on the 7th (Mondays) and 14th are available. January sessions starting on the 11th & 13th, 12th & 14th and 16th & 17th are available. February sessions starting on the 22nd & 24th, 23rd & 25th, and 27th & 29th are available.

Learn more about MOTI Sports Virtual Soccer Training here