The DOC and Recreational Director Survival Code

Coming Up for Air

“So much to do so little time” is a much-used statement from Directors of Coaching and Recreational Directors this time of year. As we come to the end of May 2018 the preseason and team set ups are all complete, the schedule changes and field conditions have been resolved. It would make sense that the DOC should be coasting along and be in a “Good Mood”. Not so! You can be guaranteed that in every Club there are several teams that are unhappy with their new coach. This puts the DOC in front and center in getting those teams calmed down. Additionally, the DOC is doing some remedial education, tweaking of scheduled practices so they can be present and in the hands of teams. If the DOC is already coaching one or even two teams within the Club, time management becomes a nightmare when practice & league game schedules get even more entrenched in conflict of each other.

While helping design the content and seamless delivery of the MOTI Soccer Training Platform I recalled my experiences as a DOC and was determined to engineer components that help in Club DOC Management. The Practice Plans while complete and ready to use out of the box, are really templates and guides for the DOC to place their personalized preferences into them via drop and drag action from the Media Library. The system gives the Director all options to impart their “Style of Play” throughout Practice Plans and therefore, the Club. By having a digital formatted practice plans that can be loaded and scheduled in the DOC’s downtime in June, then the often hectic and frantic Club Team Management can be done calmly accomplished with professional care and consideration.

The Directors of Recreational programs have appreciated the curriculum development considerations MOTI has on file; they have found it fits into their unique challenges. Recreational Directors are always scouting for and recruiting coaches throughout the community. They are always thankful for the volunteers who come forward. But, then the Rec Director also hit a wall when volunteers stop coming forward and the coaching demand is greater than the supply. Then they have to strong-arm parents, who find themselves shanghaiing unsuspecting parents into being coaches, by sending out the notice “if no volunteer comes forward to coach we will have to abandon the squad”.

In most cases a warm coaching body comes forward, but too late to attend the scheduled Club coach training Murphy’s Law takes over again. Getting these last minute coaches up to speed is paramount on the “tasks and jobs to do”. The MOTI App gives a complete session of training content that has been designed with sound curriculum progressions that are mobile on all smart phones and pads. The Coaches Quick Start video inside the app gives complete instructions to begin using the system. The sessions have all the visual and auditory coaching points for very fast orientation into coaching principles.

If you are a DOC, a Board Member, or a Coach consider MOTI in the next two months of June and July, wouldn’t it be nice to spend just a few hours setting up the entire program for this Fall season? The MOTI Sports 3D Soccer Training Platform has a complete program at your fingertips, one that engages and helps train all of your players, coaches and their families.

Use the MOTI™ Sports 3D Soccer Training Platform to get rid of some of “the coaching Chaos” that you find yourself in. Embrace 3D Soccer Training Technology that it is here now, by implementing it and accepting it into player and coach development. I keep on hearing “It’s not what technology can do; it’s what you can do with technology”. This technology is “awesome” it is “phenomenal” it is now up to you to show what you can do with technology, that is going to be amazing, save you lots of time and allow some calm breathing!

By Alan Merrick

I provide content, curriculums, topics and detailed coaching points to the MOTI Soccer Training Platform.  I am pleased that a product like MOTI Soccer Training Platform is now available to all players, coaches and soccer enthusiasts.