Street Games in the Neighborhood

A big part of my soccer traditions are related to rivalry, we all have heard of Milan vs. Inter or Manchester City and Manchester United, Real Madrid vs. Barcelona, etc.

However in my childhood, there was a big Rivalry, the kids from my Neighborhood will constantly play versus a neighborhood nearby, not only for the pride but also for the awesome privilege of drinking a soda, having said that let me explain, the losing team would have to buy the winning team sodas.

The field was the street which means the game had to stop every time a car would drive by, the goal was made with two rocks and very often no matter what the score was the game was decided by a golden goal.

When  I came to the US I learned to play in a organized way, I realized how lucky I was to shoot to a real Goal with nets, I played in a field with grass and a uniform (in Mexico we used to play shirts vs. shirtless).

When MOTI Sports showed me their App and how much it helps to improve the skills,  I learned that if I had this growing up in Mexico my soccer Skills would have gotten a lot better, I had the passion to beat rivals. And also I am sure I would have drunk a lot of soda.

Until the next time

By Enrique Morales

In 2012 Enrique Morales will complete his fifth season as a Sporting narrator.  Enrique is already known as the voice synonymous with sports in Kansas City, he being the narrator for the Kansas City Chiefs and the indoor soccer team, the Missouri Comets.  Originally from Ciudad Juárez.