Practice makes ????? What ?

First of all this revelation is going to be short and precise.

Practice makes Permanent! Think about those three words with this statement it refutes the normal message of Practice makes Perfect. So how can we now merge the two concepts and make a statement like Perfect Practice makes Perfect and Permanent! Just a play on words but the outcome become less clouded in its last form. If you practice and you are not doing it correctly and you continue to practice that way your skill sets are going to be less than stellar. This is why practice needs some structure and it also needs precise coaching points and ideas that provide clarity for both coaches, players and parents as a bonus if they can be engaged.

Motion capture gives perfect renditions of the movement needed to conduct the actions that are needed to train the eyes and body to have ball movement, ball mastery and ball control. 3D Animated training sessions shown on a gaming platform (not Video) allow players, coaches and parents to see the first pass and movement of players all the way through to the final motion. In a complicated exercise like this where 10- 20 -30 passes and multiple player movements can still be followed in 3D. Watching the complete session gives all viewers a complete perspective of how the session works and runs.

So player’s coaches and parents can have a ‘Perfect’ perspective of session content that can be replayed in normal time or one frame at a time enabling absorption of subtle intricacies of the game.

MOTI Sports Soccer Training Platform allows the ‘Perfect Practice concept’ to be made as a permanent visual reference point for all ages, gender and levels of play within the game. 3D and Animation is revolutionary and available now!

By Alan Merrick

I provide content, curriculums, topics and detailed coaching points to the MOTI Soccer Training Platform.  I am pleased that a product like MOTI Soccer Training Platform is now available to all players, coaches and soccer enthusiasts.