Coaching Smarter Saving Time

Smart coaching can be as simple as better organization prior to the season using a mapped out plan for an entire season. Having a practice plan for your sessions gives you a body of work that can be easily accessed and be ready for delivery to your team. Being organized and having a plan takes away an awful lot of anguish, frustration and ultimately failure in producing the education goals you aspire to.

A coach’s consistency of content throughout the season is key to instructing and demonstrating to their players that they are knowledgeable and engaged with the squad of players. Parents from the side lines will appreciate the coach more when they see energy, movement and meaningful activities that players are embracing and showing fun emotions while doing them.

Preparing a practice sessions on the fly- i.e. in the car in transit to the event is not a good idea and does not produce the meaningful experience for players, their parents and to you the coach. Having some structure and purpose within your plan allows for productive coaching moments and growth, all within a calm and calculated learning environment. Hectic behavior from a coach in a learning and instructional situation does not resonate as an ideal trait to present to a squad of impressionable players.

All of these negative situations have now been eliminated with Soccer Training Platforms that are in an App in a Mobile format. Coaching content, coaching points, coaching concepts and coaching ideas are now established and available in your hand or communicated through a headset where you need them most on the coaching field of play. Now the volunteer parent coach or the young former player turned coach can have all of their fears and wishes for solid practice plans delivered in a curated organized format prior to the season, or in an emergency, half way through the season to turn their experience into a positive outcome.

Board Members, Coaching Directors of Clubs Competitive and Recreational programs, sports administrator’s in Park and Rec, YMCA, YWCA and small Soccer Clubs can now eliminate the dreaded 2 by 4 across the forehead at the conclusion of a season when they hear that a coach was less than stellar and parents and players had a negative outcome of content and delivery from their respective coach.

This situation can now be totally eliminated and forever dodged because the solution is available now in a Soccer App that utilizes revolutionary software that has Motion Capture 3D Animation depicting Skills needed to play good soccer. The brain neurons of young players are lit up when they start viewing these visually engaging depictions of skill sets and small sided game activities.  The visualization players get on how to do a move with the ball are available during an actual practice time or even better as ‘Home Work’ in the back yard, garage floor, basement or even in front of a full length mirror in the kids bedroom. They ‘See it Do It’ and can replicate it with audio clues of ‘Perfect Practice’ in their ears.

Having a well charted Practice Plan for 6 weeks, 8 weeks even 16 weeks with either one or two practices a week takes away any of the ‘hectic’, ‘panic’, or ‘no time’ often associated with Youth coaching.

With this coaching resource the coach can and should share the digital content with players and parents to better prepare them all for the tasks the coach is instructing them on. Again the visualization players can gain accelerates the learning curve, just think how much time it saves the coach in verbalizing soccer concepts into the squad of players. An offshoot of all of this is the education of the parents who now are being exposed to the inner sanctum of soccer knowledge and because of this exposure their appreciation of the game is heightened to realize just how difficult and demanding the game is for young players, this results in a changed behavior on the side line as they respect more skilled performances from their own player and others within the group.

The saved time that the coach has because players are seeing the practice activities before setting foot on the field can now be used for more repetitions of correct technique and actual activities that are already well established in the player’s visualization of action and movement.

Having accurately curated content across age groups assists in the learning curve for coaches and players so the layers of progressions needed to be a competent player are delivered in the correct sequence and in an order of skill and technique building. Moti recognizes and is concerned that the statistics on the attrition of players playing organized sports is running at 70% of them stop playing organized sports, by the age of 14 years old. I attribute that to athletes not being given the opportunity to have exceptional coaching of the best techniques in an ongoing prolonged format. With an App in their hands when they need it, soccer players can ‘self-play’ and gain the satisfaction of gaining ‘self-esteem’ from doing it their way, and on their time. By using the Apps analytics tool, individual players, coaches and parents can make themselves accountable for counting their ‘steps’ their ‘repetition’s’ their ‘Minutes’ doing skill moves, even their time spent looking at the content of the current ‘practice plan’.

This is just another instance where MOTI technology can make not only coaches ‘Smarter’ but it allows players and parents to get a leg up on this shared visual knowledge of the game of soccer. Technology is leading them to have beautiful outcomes of successful play.  Helping to build comradery with team mates while learning how to cooperate and strive for an increased health activity, while enjoying a growth capacity in a complex sport like Soccer.

By Alan Merrick

I provide content, curriculums, topics and detailed coaching points to the MOTI Soccer Training Platform.  I am pleased that a product like MOTI Soccer Training Platform is now available to all players, coaches and soccer enthusiasts.