MOTI Tip: Scratchpad

MOTI Soccer (previously known as MOTI Mobile) Scratchpad supplies the user with an easy-to-access drawing surface that can help coaches and players craft new ideas and explain current drills/techniques through drawing.

Accessing the Scratchpad

The scratchpad is only available through the mobile app user-interface.  If you are in the mobile app Web interface, you will see a button at the bottom of the screen that is labeled “SWITCH TO APP VIEW”.  Press this button to enter the mobile app user-interface.

The scratchpad is activated through the Main Menu in the mobile app user-interface.  Press the 3-Dot Button at the top-right of the screen (see below, outlined in blue) to activate the Main Menu.

Once the Main Menu is open, select the Scratchpad menu item (see below, outlined in blue) to activate the scratchpad.

Scratchpad Overview

Once the scratchpad is activated, it will cover the majority of the screen and must be closed in order to perform any other functions.  

Drawing Area

By default, the Drawing Area (see below, yellow #1) will be a solid green color. 

Drawing is accomplished by using you finger.  Press a finger on the screen in the Drawing Area, hold down the same finger down and move the same finger in order to draw lines.

Pencil Size

The Pencil Size Button (yellow #2, above) will bring up the Pencil Size Menu.  The user can choose the thickness of the pencil used by pressing one of the icons in the pop-up menu.  The thinnest pencil size is on the left and the thickest pencil size is on the right.  All lines drawn after the size is changed will be drawn in the chosen size.  Historical line sizes will not be changed.

Pencil Color

The Pencil Color Button (yellow #3, above) will bring up the Pencil Color Menu (see below).  The user can choose the color of the pencil by pressing one of the color boxes in the pop-up menu.  All lines drawn after the color is changed will be drawn in the chosen color.  Historical line colors will not be changed.


The Field Chooser Button (see above, yellow #4) will bring up the Field Menu.  The user can apply a field to the Drawing Area by selecting one of the icons in the menu.   This provides an easy mechanism to apply field lines to the Drawing Area.

Note: Selecting a field will clear the Drawing Area of all lines before the field lines are applied.  This cannot be undone.


The Undo Button (see above, yellow #5) and Redo Button (see above, yellow #6) give the user the ability to undo and redo draw-actions.  A draw-action is one finger-down/finger-move/finger-up sequence.  The maximum number of draw-actions that will be recorded is 10.  Therefore, the maximum number of undo’s and redo’s is 10. 

Note: After an undo, if a new line is drawn, the redo history will be cleared.


The Trash Button (see above, yellow #7) will clear the Drawing Area of all lines.  An empty green Drawing Area will be shown (see above, yellow #1).

Note: Using the trash cannot be undone.


Closing the scratchpad is accomplished by pressing the Close Button (see above, yellow #8).   Once closed, the user will be returned to the practice plan.

The scratchpad does not provide saving/loading options, but will remember what has been drawn in certain circumstances.  The following is the list of workflows that will remember or clear the Drawing Area.

  • Remembering Drawing Area
    • Closing the scratchpad and returning to the practice plan
    • Closing the scratchpad and viewing the Web interface
    • Viewing techniques
    • Viewing drills
  • Clearing Drawing Area
    • Launching the application
    • Logging in
    • Logging out
    • Using the Trash Button


The scratchpad provides coaches and players an easy way to draw-out ideas, concepts and instructions by simply using a finger.

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By Christopher Ebbert

I have been working on MOTI Sports software since 2010.  I work on enhancements to the 3DST 3D Coaching Play Simulation tool (3D Playbook) and I am the author of the MOTI Soccer App.  Prior to joining MOTI, I worked on a variety of animation and visual programming including 3D flight simulator for Hughes Aircraft.