Rondos & Possession Activities/Drills

Rondos & Possession Soccer

4v4v4 Quick Combination Play

Select the Drill then Watch the preview video

Rondo Themed 5v5 SSG

Select the Skill then Watch the preview video

3v1 to 5v3 Possession

3v3 Split the Defenders

4 Goal SSG

4v1 to 5v4 Passing Transition

4v2 Possession – Transition Play

4v4 Plus 3 (7v7) Positioning

4v4 to 4v4 to flank small goals

6v3 Passing Rondo

7v3 Passing Scrimmage

8v4 Passing and Possession

Rondo with Wall Pass and Overlap

WH Box 6v2 Rondo

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