Parents – help your children have success

As parents we all want our children to succeed.  We want them to have fun.  We want them to make new friends.  And we know the importance for their development to participate in extracurricular events like sports, music, theater, dance, chess club . . . whatever it may be.  A child’s social life is as important as their academic life for their development.

It is well documented that extracurricular activities increase self-esteem, improve social skills, lead to better grades, expand their worldview, promote the use of both sides of their brain – creative and analytical and more ( Nicole Jackson, April 18, 2017).

Sports like soccer can be a key component in the development of your child.  Well done parents!  Getting your children involved in soccer is a great first step.

One of the many reasons I chose soccer over other sports and extracurricular events to coach is because the game is full of little victories.  When we look on as parents, we may see a ton of mistakes.  Ugly touches and questionable decisions abound.  But as a coach, what excites me is when I see a player successfully execute something in a game that we had practiced on.  And I make sure that all the players hear me as I praise him or her.

In soccer, the game begins and ends with simple touches on the ball.  Everything builds from there.  But if the foundation is not set, neither the players nor the team will feel like they are having much success.

Like anything worth attaining it takes time and practice.  But practicing the correct way is key.

My grandson chose to play the trombone in school.  The first year it was enough to just be able to play a few notes kind of right.  Getting the beat down was more important for him!  If he hit the right note it was a bonus. 

That thought for him carried over into his second year.  The beat was all important, not so much the notes.  Now, in this third year, he is starting to realize that it is a combination of playing the right notes at the right time.  As he does this, along with his section mates, his section and the band are coming together to make sweet music!  It is interesting that some of the band members practiced correctly from the start emphasizing playing the correct notes while some others, like my grandson, took a bit longer.

Children develop at different ages.  Teaching them correct fundamentals in whatever they are learning helps them in their development.  For soccer, you as a parent can help your child develop the correct fundamentals simply by spending time with them using the MOTI APP.  All the basic touches are there in a fun 3D motion capture APP with expert coaching points.  Your child can play around with the APP, see the skill, listen to the coaching points and practice it right there in your back yard or basement.  You can also see the skill and praise them at home as they smooth out their touches.

Then when you watch them practicing with their team or playing in a game, you both have something to look forward too.  Watch and see if that awesome touch you worked out in the back yard shows up in the practice or game.  And when it does, which I guarantee you it will make sure there is plenty of excitement and praise from the sideline! 

It’s the little things done correctly that make this game so much fun to coach and watch.  And who knows, when the stars align and enough good touches and thoughts happen, a goal might be scored:)

By Brad Carlson

I joined MOTI Sports in January to help in a sales consulting capacity during our USC Annual Conference show in Chicago in 2018.  I am the former Coach of Orono High School for 35 years and hold a USSF Class B License.  My professional background is 40 years in the capacity of manager of a retail grocery store and extensive experience with accounting and book-keeping.