MOTI App – Engineered for Learning Visually & Easily

The MOTI Soccer App was designed to present a session/practice/lesson plan to the user visually and be easy to use and understand.

When you log into the MOTI Soccer App (previously known as MOTI Mobile) you are presented with the

  • Announcement Board
    This contains simple general information the Coach wants the team (players, parents and other coaches) to read immediately. It may contain simple information, such as reminders about clothing, equipment or location of practice, feedback about the previous contest, birthday wishes for a player, and alike.
  • Practice Plan (Currently Scheduled)
    The heart of the system, this one item enables coaches to share with everyone what is expected to be accomplished at the next practice (session/lesson).
  • 3D Skills   is the technique/foot skill to be studied and practiced. The beauty of this is allowing players and parents to practice these at home. With a single touch, the animation with a professionally narrated audio appears. A simple touch of the “>” Play button and the animation comes to life. Players, parents, and coaches use fingertip controls of the screen to view the animation from any perspective. Here is a brief video showing the controls. Touch here to view a brief video on controls of the Skills Player.
  • 3D Drills    is the drill or activity presented to be studied prior to practice. The simplicity of this is that coaches can now see and listen to the activity to be performed, all the coaching points are there along with how the drill progresses and re-generates. Players can watch the drill so that when practice begins coaches don’t have to spend precious time on the practice area explaining what is to occur. Again a simple touch of the “>” Play button begins the animation. Players, parents, and coaches can use fingertips controls to view from any perspective. Touch here to view the controls for the Drills Player. A host of other viewing features from adding player & ball trails to watching from the 1st person perspective can be found here on our website –
  • Optional materials such as documents, movies or links to other systems are easily added to enhance your plan for players, parents and coaches.

So with just a few touches on a phone or tablet, players, parents, and coaches can easily access the desired learning plan for the practice.


  • Players always have access to the Practice Content
  • Players can prepare in advance to actively engage in the practice
  • Substitute coaches can fill seamlessly
  • Players can work on their own to develop and fine-tune their skills
  • Clubs can monitor usage to ensure coaching continuity across an age or skill group
  • Develops a common vocabulary for coaches, players, and the organization
  • Players progress, skilled players stay with the game
  • A reliable system of education across the entire organization

By Gordy

I have served in the capacity of the board-appointed leadership role (since 2014), and on the board since 2010.  I farm in west-central Minnesota. My prior business background includes co-founder and owner of Davis, Thomas & Associates, Inc. (DTA) with offices in Minneapolis MN, Chicago IL, and Bangalore India.  I was a former systems programmer in the banking, hospital, and transportation industries.