Alan Merrick #481

Congratulations Alan!

On November 7th, 2021 Alan Merrick (MOTI Sports’ Director of Soccer Content) a veteran football/soccer player was recognized by his first professional club joining the “100 game club” and recognized as their 481st professional player in the 143-year history of the West Bromwich Football Club (founded in 1878 in West Bromwich, West Midlands, England).

Why is this important? 

Recognition of a players’ achievements in life allows young aspiring players to have inspirational role models and career paths mapped out before them as potential paths for personal and vocational growth.

Learning to play and compete in Football/Soccer, not only gives us purpose and numerous physical and interpersonal skills, it prepares us to work as a member of a team with a collection of individual talents working towards one goal.

Being able to see and witness this achievement puts a spark of direction and determination inside each person observing the recognition event.
Today, it is important to show youth, vocational and professional paths that are opportunities to be followed. Not everyone will be that lead player, but there are enumerable positions for supporting our teams along the way.

The Albion Tie and Albion Players Cap were presented by Ray Wilson former teammate of Alan’s now the Chairman of the West Bromwich Albion Former Players Association The Cap represents Alan being the 481st player to play for WBA the Tie for playing over 100 first-team appearances with a total of 153 during his 10-year career at Albion.

Visit the West Bromwich Football Club website

By Jemma

Jemma Merrick is a life-long soccer fan, long-time soccer player and coach, and current soccer mom.  After high school, Jemma played both Division I and Division III collegiate soccer, at the University of Virginia and Macalester College, respectively.