USSF Return to Play

It’s been a long time since we’ve been able to enjoy the game we all love, and I know you’ve all missed it as much as we have here at U.S. Soccer.

As soccer starts up again in your community, we realize coaches like you may have questions about how to return-to-play safely, and keep the health & wellness of yourself, your players and your soccer families a top priority. While it’s a new, and at times uncertain, environment, we are going to navigate this together through knowledge, information and shared responsibility.

To support coaches of all levels as you return to the field, U.S. Soccer has created a new initiative called U.S. Soccer PLAY ON. Through PLAY ON, you can explore real recommendations and useful resources that will help you make decisions about managing your team, trainings, and ultimately, competitions.

U.S. Soccer has organized return-to-play considerations into five phases from Phase 0 (no organized activities; stay home) through to Phase IV (no playing restrictions related to COVID-19). Each phase includes a recommendations guide, infographics, and more to ensure that clubs and players have the opportunity to appropriately adapt and implement safety measures.

Phase I & II are currently published in English & Spanish for your use, with subsequent guides to follow.

These guidelines and best practices are intended for use WHEN AND IF your local authorities have deemed it safe to return to the practice field. U.S. Soccer is in no way endorsing holding practices or games in violation of any Federal, State or Local mandates. At all times, please defer to your Local and State public health authorities for specific modifications and/or alterations.

Soccer’s PLAY ON virtual hub:

Thank you for all you do as a leader in this sport, and helping us PLAY ON safely, together.

Dr. George Chiampas
Chief Medical Officer
U.S. Soccer

(Used with permission.)

By Brad Carlson

I joined MOTI Sports in January to help in a sales consulting capacity during our USC Annual Conference show in Chicago in 2018.  I am the former Coach of Orono High School for 35 years and hold a USSF Class B License.  My professional background is 40 years in the capacity of manager of a retail grocery store and extensive experience with accounting and book-keeping.