Playing in the backyard

A bit of nostalgia hit me the other day as a family member and I were going through some old photos.  We stumbled across a picture that sent me back to my youth.  We use to play soccer in the backyard.  The clothes line my mom would use to dry our cloths and a tree formed the perfect goal.  I would practice my free kicks and, using a makeshift wall, would make great passes to set me up for my perfect shots and goals!

Today it is easy for the kids to play FIFA on their devices but it will never compare to spending hours playing in the backyard, taking shots, juggling, and so on.

I know it was just a game I would play at home, but I remember how taking shots in my backyard helped me become a great shooter.  I can also recall the first free kick I took while playing organized soccer in the USA. 

Times have changed and technology has take over many things but, hey, lets use it in the best way possible.  MOTI Sports has created a great tool.  Going over the skills and practicing them in the backyard in your free time will make you a better soccer player and will create moments that will last forever.

By Enrique Morales

In 2012 Enrique Morales will complete his fifth season as a Sporting narrator.  Enrique is already known as the voice synonymous with sports in Kansas City, he being the narrator for the Kansas City Chiefs and the indoor soccer team, the Missouri Comets.  Originally from Ciudad Juárez.