Physical Ed Teachers, MOTI is for you!

A soccer module is being taught in elementary and middle school for at least one two-week session, and often two separate two weeks sessions every year.  What if these teachers, most of whom are not proficient at soccer, are given the tools to present to their students an all-encompassing soccer unit with measurable standards!

We have developed, with the help of Physical Education Teachers and experts in the education field, a great tool for teachers to use in their classrooms that is flexible, inexpensive, fun for the kids, and produces measurable results.

The MOTI One Teacher Soccer App For Educators has been designed specifically for the “new to the game” Physical Education Teacher.  The concept is simple – let the kids play while also learning the proper age appropriate technical skills to allow them to be successful while playing.

By incorporating a study done by Weidong Li, Fatih Dervent & Xiuye Xie (2018) on “Soccer Techniques and Tactics for Third through Eighth Grade Students in Physical Education”, “Effective Classroom Management in Physical Education: Strategies for Beginning Teachers” by Grub, Ryan, Lowell and Stringer, Power Standards and Lesson Plans we have designed an App that, when shown to the students will teach them the proper soccer techniques.

The App allows the teacher to show the students the soccer skills for that day, listen to the expert coaching points in English or Spanish that go along with the skill, and try it right there with a soccer ball.  The players achieve instant success by seeing, hearing and doing the skill.  Then they take their newly acquired soccer skill on to the playing field to work it out in a series of small sided games. 

The teacher is given a suggested area set up for small sided games and skill work, done in such a way that everyone is active.  The Lesson Plan for the day outlines the complete time spent with the students including Safety, Equipment, Set Up, Power Standards, Learning Targets, Success Criteria and much more!

Check it out for FREE.  Download the MOTI Soccer App for FREE at your Apple App Store or Google Play Store and start your FREE Trial today!

By Brad Carlson

I joined MOTI Sports in January to help in a sales consulting capacity during our USC Annual Conference show in Chicago in 2018.  I am the former Coach of Orono High School for 35 years and hold a USSF Class B License.  My professional background is 40 years in the capacity of manager of a retail grocery store and extensive experience with accounting and book-keeping.