Be Proud Of What Your Child Accomplishes

As a professional soccer game announcer and analyst, I was honored to be asked to announce a Pre-Olympic game.  With their National Anthems playing and me reading the last names on their shirts, here were all these guys from Central America living the dream.  Then I thought “If my child were on the field how proud I would feel.”

These were U-20 players representing their country and dreaming of playing in the Olympics.  Their dreams came true because of the support of their parents.

Jose Luis  Burciaga Jr., who played in the MLS with the Wizards and Colorado Rapids, mention to me once “When I think of all the time and money that my dad spent in tournaments, camps and such all I can think of is how lucky I was to have a father like him”.

The success of your child is in your hands.  It can be by your time spent with them or by equipping them with the tools that will make them better, like the MOTI Sports App. With it players can work on their skills anywhere, including your backyard.  

Invest in your child.  Celebrate their victories and be proud of their accomplishments.  In this 2020 make it a personal goal of yours to make your child a better player.  

By Enrique Morales

In 2012 Enrique Morales will complete his fifth season as a Sporting narrator.  Enrique is already known as the voice synonymous with sports in Kansas City, he being the narrator for the Kansas City Chiefs and the indoor soccer team, the Missouri Comets.  Originally from Ciudad Juárez.