MOTI Sports, Inc. recognizes that Soccer Associations such as those state associations that makeup the US Youth Soccer Association need to have tools to reach and train coaches & players.

Many people are visual learners, in-fact 65% of the population are visual learners, 25% are auditory learners and 15% are kinesthetic learners.

MOTI Sports has developed 3D Skills / Techniques using our motion capture system and 3D Activities / Drills using our patented 3D Coaching Play Simulation Tool.

We created the MOTI Soccer App and MOTI Sports Cloud hosting platform to allow sports leader ship to organize in a progressive curriculum visually engaging training that steps not only players, but coaches as well through the sequence of a sound session or practice plan.

MOTI strongly encourages all organizations and coaches to share this visual training curriculum with their players as well as their coaches. It has been proven that this process of allowing players to watch the session/practice content before practice (reverse classroom) on their own time, increasing the effectiveness of practices on the field. Additionally, as you are aware if people understand what you want them to do in-advance, it make your own task of coaching so much easier. As players become more comfortable with this learning process, more time is spent on player-centered activities vs coach-centered activities, allowing players confidence to increase in their knowledge of the game.

What MOTI Sports Offer(s):

MOTI Sports recognizes that clubs, schools, academies, camps and associations are in the best place to recommend a training method or system. MOTI Sports wants to give back, so MOTI Sports will provide value-in-kind back to the entity that helps promote MOTI Sports of 10% for Clubs that sign up with your association’s support.

As an example for every 20 teams your association helps MOTI Sports obtain, MOTI will donate 2 teams back for your association to use for outreach or as a grant to another entity.

Please contact MOTI Sports for details.

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