Premier Foot Skills

Premier Soccer Foot Skills

Skill Technical Cruyff

Cruyff Turn – Cruyff move is an extension of the Fake Shot used more on the flank or sideline to beat a defender that is staying side-by-side with you, and you need to navigate around the defender to get to the goal. A soccer classic. Remember that Reverse V that was kind of hard? This takes it to a whole different level. Do this at speed.

Skill Technical Double Scissors

Used to deceive the opponent about where the player is going to dribble next. This is a favorite move of Ronaldo. Single or Double Scissors. He finds a way to get around defenders and get his shot off. How about you?

Skill Technical Matthews

This is used when you have a defender directly in front of you and the path to shoot, pass or cross is blocked. Messi uses this move a lot. If you can do this as you are sprinting with the ball YOU TO can be like Messi.

Skill Technical Spin Turn

An alternative to the Maradonna turn. Different in that there is no contact with the ball from the lead foot from the initial step over the top. This one is tough and takes a lot of balance. It is the foundation though for the coolest soccer move ever – The Maradonna!

Skill Technical Maradona Spin Turn

The Maradona Spin Turn is a dynamic movement that is used to propel the player away from defenders or approaching opponents. Here it is. If you can execute this in a game, watch out! You will dazzle your opponents and the crowd! Check out Maradonna doing this move on the internet. It is a classic.

Skill Technical Juggling Laces No Bounce

Is an effective way for players to find coordination and learn depth perception for an aerial ball. Set Goals – for the number of repetitions; 10, 50, 100, 200 and 500.

Skill Technical Volley Laces

The Lace Volley is usually used when the ball is off the of ground ranging from ankle height to about waist high. It is very hard to keep a volley down. Work on it. Be patient. The lower the ball gets to the ground the easier it is to keep it on the net.

Skill Technical Volley Side Laces

The Side Laces Volley is used to speed up players’ play by taking advantage of the ball in the air. This technique complements the Side Foot Volley. Another good technique to learn, but hard to master. Keepers are learning this technique for the punts to drive the ball to their teammates.

Activity OnePlayer Circuit 5

3 cones or markers dribble the ball and lay the ball off between cones 2 & 3 run around cone 3 & lay the ball off between cones 2 & 3 once again, circle back around cone 3 returning with w/ball 3 times

Activity OnePlayer Dribbling through the Cones

4 cones or markers – do figure “8”s dribbling thru all the cones 3 – 5 times – increase speed and time yourself. The goal is for players to have a smooth transition between ball contacts as they dribble and with their stride and agility in their run between the cones.

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