1v1 Womens

1v1 Women’s Soccer Skills

1v1 Block Tackle

The Block Tackle is executed by two opposing players attacking the ball at the same time. Staying in a standing position utilizing a passing side foot stance, the most committed player will use their leg and foot strength to roll the ball over the opponent’s foot. Learn More:

1v1 Poke Tackle

The Poke Tackle is the simplest of tackles and the easiest way of dispossessing the opponent. Watch and Learn More:

AirBall Chest-Thigh Outside Foot Control

Working with a partner practice handling an Airball working it from your chest then your thigh and then passing it with the outside of your foot. Learn More:

AirBall Inside Foot Control

Working with a partner, practice moving into the flight of the ball, gauging the path, and stopping with the inside of the foot just as the ball hits the ground, allowing you to regain control for dribbling, passing, or shooting! Learn More:

AirBall Outside-of-Foot Control

Working with a partner, be up on your toes to enable quick feet to better gauge where and when the ball will land. Using the outside of the foot, create a cushion for the ball. Learn More:

AirBall Sole-of-Foot Control

Requires great concentration. Working with a partner you will need to move up into the flight of the path of the ball to work at gauging where the ball will land while being able to place the sole of your foot over the top of the ball to control it. Learn More:

1v1 Double Scissors

As soon as the player gains possession, dribble directly at the defender. Learn More:

1v1 Drop Step

The Drop Step is a defensive play. It is used by defenders to contain an opponent. Learn More:

1v1 Elastico

The player in possession moves toward the defender using the outside of the foot dribble. Learn More:

1v1 Fake Shot Outside

When confronting an opposing player who is blocking a passing lane, or a clear shot on goal, the fake shot is an ideal skill to make a defender think you are going to blast the ball in their direction. Learn More:

1v1 Zidane 360 Spin Turn

When performed at speed the defender has little opportunity to defend against the attacker using this movement. Learn More:

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