1v1 Mens

1v1 Men’s Soccer Skills

1v1 Elastico

The Players possession moves forward towards the defender. When the player gets to within a two-yard distance from the defender, the player repeats the first part of the outside of the foot dribble. Then when the ball is outside of the shoulder, with the foot still airborne makes a chop-down pass to the outside laterally. Watch and learn more:

1v1 Block Tackle

The Block Tackle can be used when two players are attaching the ball at the same time. Select the Skill then Watch, listen, and try this skill with an opponent for several repetitions. Subscribe and Learn more:

1v1 Double Scissors

As soon as the player gains possession, go directly at the defender. When two years away the player begins the move, which will result in beating the defender and creating goal-scoring opportunities. Subscribe and Learn more:

1v1 Drop Step

The Drop Step is a defensive play used by defenders used to contain an opponent. Subscribe and Learn more:

1v1 Fake Shot Inside

The Fake Shot is used when there is a defender directly in front of the player with the ball. The motion is to take a hop on the standing leg while pulling the other leg back as if you’re going to kick the ball as hard as possible. Then at the very last moment drag the ball across inside of the defender where the ball can be protected or a shadow pass is made.

1v1 Fake Shot Outside

When confronting an opposing player who is blocking a passing lane, or a clear shot on goal, the fake shot is an ideal skill to make a defender think you are going to blast the ball in their direction. Learn More:

1v1 Inside Foot Step Over

When you have a defender standing directly in front of you, the Inside Foot Step Over will allow you to wrong-foot the defender, for you to make a passing or shooting lane. Learn More:

1v1 Kruyff

The Kruyff move is done on the flank play or the sideline. Usually, the defender is on the inside shoulder of the player in possession. Executing this move correctly will enable the player with the ball to lose the defender. The player in possession does a quick step and a hop swinging the left leg as if the ball is to be crossed. But at the last second, a fake shot is performed the inside of the right foot is used to propel the ball inside of their left leg, playing back behind the defender in teh direction they just traveled. Learn More:

1v1 Maradonna

The Maradonna Spin Turn is used to catapult the player with the ball away from defenders or approaching players. This is a complex move and will take some extra practice to perform it smoothly. Learn More:

1v1 Matthews

The Mathews is used when you have a defender directly of you and your path to shoot, pass or cross is blocked. A great move to master. Learn More:

1v1 Poke Tackle

The Poke Tackle is a defensive play used by defenders to contain an opponent. Learn More:

1v1 Ronaldo Chop

The Ronaldo Chop begins with two quick touches of the ball going forward then a half-hop then the dribbling foot plays a slight foot self behind the standing leg. Learn More:

1v1 Rummenigge

Rummenigge is a great move to beat a defender who is doggedly sticking to you when you are running down the sideline or while making a crossfield run.

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Shield Reverse V

When the defender takes up a very good position on the field and is set to block your path, when that happens, it is time to protect the ball and maintain possession keeping the ball safe. You will use this move to accomplish that. A great move to master. See and Learn why:

1v1 Single Scissors

In Single Scissors, the upper movement of the upper body during the scissors around the ball places the defender off balance and allows for the beating of the player with a dynamic burst of speed and change of pace.

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