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3D Coaching Tools for Teaching Youth Sports

Because Real Life Sports are in 3D

3D Coaching Play Simulation Tool*

Watch the video to learn what coaching in 3D means
  • Available for football and men's and women's basketball, hockey, lacrosse, soccer, and volleyball
  • Create, modify, and view plays or drills in 2D and 3D
  • View plays and drills from any perspective in the field of play and as any player
  • Output your plays and drills as animated video from any perspective to deliver a custom experience
  • Numerous player path and player customization options
  • Baseline plays and drills included for you to copy and customize
  • Version 2.0 coming 2nd quarter of 2016. Email us here for updates
  • Available for Windows PCs
  • Click here for a free alpha-version trial
* Patented 8690655

Coaching Apps for Youth Sports

Watch the video to learn more about one of our apps
  • Available in the iTunes™ App™ and Google Play™ stores
  • All our apps significantly leverage 3D animations for its immersive experience
  • Coaches and players can select specific drills, lessons, or plays to learn without having to use XXs and OOs
  • All our easy to use and understand
  • No streaming content making learning happen anywhere regardless of cell service
  • Soccer is available now

3D Basketball Training: Elite Basketball Conditioning in development

Watch the video screen to Learn More
  • Email us here for updates
  • All are available in the iTunes™ App™ and Google Play™ stores

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