Alan Merrick #481

Congratulations Alan!

On November 7th, 2021 Alan Merrick (MOTI Sports’ Director of Soccer Content) a veteran football/soccer player was recognized by his first professional club joining the “100 game club” and recognized as their 481st professional player in the 143-year history of the West Bromwich Football Club (founded in 1878 in West Bromwich, West Midlands, England).

Why is this important? 

Recognition of a players’ achievements in life allows young aspiring players to have inspirational role models and career paths mapped out before them as potential paths for personal and vocational growth. READ MORE

Periodization for High School

Periodization for a High School Soccer Program in the Midwest

With the varsity high school soccer season crammed into a 12-week period having a strategic document prepared for the season will give your program a chance to succeed.

Time is a “premium” at the High School level of play. Rules and regulations must be adhered to. Preseason and allowable camps are well defined, and the Head coach is well advised to put a fully planned training process in place prior to the beginning of the season. The well-being of a high school athlete needs to be paramount in the coaching staff’s training model. There are going to be great divides between Middle School, Freshmen, and Senior players over the 5-year span which will provide an environment of challenging proportions and growth-spurt differences amongst the Student-Athletes. READ MORE

ReverseV 1v1

ReverseV 1v1

This is one of our new 1v1 Skills coming out. These will enable players to the the “how” this skill works in 3D defending the ball, maintaining possession.

Check out another skill: Outside Hook Turn Skill

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Thank You Coach

Coaches inspire us to accomplish as a team what we never could do individually.

Often we think of coaching as teaching us how to play the game (strategy. skills, drills, etc). 

More often then not they enable us to find a way working as a collective group to accomplish more than we could as individuals, believing in ourselves.

Minnesota State High School League – Visit the MSHSL website

COACH’S CORNER: Team Building as a Mid-Season Pick-Me-Up

The fall season is short and hopefully (mostly) sweet. But that doesn’t mean it is without challenges. Often times everyone involved starts a season with renewed energy and optimism. There is a plan and goals for where things will ideally be when the final final whistle blows. This is, however, all before school starts and daylight gets shorter and maybe that master plan isn’t going quite as expected…

If a mid-season dip sets in, what can a coach do to help reinvigorate effort, focus and fun? Sometimes it requires going off-script and changing the plan. Try to figure out what the team actually needs. For younger players, this might mean less drills and possibly some time relay races, 1v1 to goal or more free play. For older players, it helps to ask them for feedback. Take the pulse from some of the trusted leaders on the squad. Maybe an extra day off? Is a relaxed team-building practice needed? READ MORE

COACH’S CORNER: Put the Ball in the Parent’s Court

In my 40 plus years of coaching from U6 to U19 at the recreational, club and High School levels I can count on one hand the number of parent issues I have had.  The key – open communication.  Try these suggestions:

Personally engage with every parent and player through your teams method (management system, email, etc.)  Make it from you, with your contact information and encouragement to contact you directly.

Choose the number of players for your team so that they all will play significant time in each match.  For my high school team I like to keep it to 16 players.  I play equal time for as many players as I can, or at least 10 minutes per half if the size of my team is larger. READ MORE