MOTI Website Tip: Practice Plan External Video Link

Practice Plans – How can I create a link to another internet video with in my practice plan?

Coaches can edit the practice plans provided with the MOTI™ Sports Soccer Training Platform or create a new practice plan. MOTI expects coaches & clubs to include their own coaching materials (AUDIO, DOCUMENT, IMAGE, LINK or VIDEOS, within these practice plans and we’ve engineered for you to do that. A Coach, Director or Administrator can create a “media element” by selecting Media Library in the blue menu and scrolling to the bottom to the ADD MEDIA button. or using the + symbol (if present) at the top of the Media Library list.

Media Elements can then be dropped and dragged into or out of a practice plan as the Administrator or Director or Coach chooses.

If an Administrator or Director adds or creates a media element all other coaches in the club may use it. If a coach adds or creates a media element only that coach that added or created it may use it. This same rule applies to the creation of Practice Plans.

A LINK is a unique way to insert a Medial Element with information contained or hosted on another system, such as a video. MOTI does not assume any responsibility for content a coach or director or an administrator links to.

To create a LINK:

  • click ADD MEDIA
  • select the “Link” from the drop down menu
  • If it is a video link such as a YouTube Link, or Vimeo, copy the URL (make sure you are using the embed version of the URL) and paste it in BOTH the “Media File” (area) and the “Media Description”. Then in Title; name your media element so you can see it and recognize it in the Media Library (example TeamName unique video link name”.

YouTube Example URL:********** where ****** is the unique YouTube identifier

Vimeo Example URL:********* where ********* is the unique Vimeo identifier


By MOTI Sports Team

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