MOTI Virtual Soccer Training

MOTI Sports Virtual Soccer Training

Virtual Soccer Training is a coaching service that provides in-depth instruction to youth soccer players.

Parents or Players can now decide where and when they receive the needed instruction from inspired coaches to develop their foot skills or techniques via Interactive video conferencing, where the MOTI Coach can observe the player and the player can see the Coach (Players cannot see other players) in these sessions. Players will require a computer or tablet or other smart device for communicating during the Virtual Training Session, a Soccer Ball, and some objects for marking the grid or dribbling pattern.

When you sign up you pick the age/skill level of your player, find the schedule for you and your player (to train), and register reserving your player’s position on the Team and pay for the 10 training sessions. The cost of Virtual Soccer Training for 5 weeks (10 sessions ) is only $79 (plus taxes as applicable). MOTI will reach out and have your player download the MOTI Mobile app where they will be on a Virtual Team, with the Training Schedule before them with the needed 3D Skills, 3D Drills, and activities all laid out for them in the Plan Library.

First-day training: The coach will reach out to you and your player for the first training day with the credentials for a video conference. The Coach will introduce themselves to the Team members. The coach will brief all players on the operation of MOTI Mobile to ensure every player is on the same plan. Additionally, the coach will review the expectations of the players for the training sessions, collectively getting every player to commit to the training regime. Virtual video conferences will be about 45 minutes in duration. There is an expectation that the player will have time set aside to practice on their own, using the MOTI Mobile App. The Coach will monitor the Player practicing via our system Analytics for each player and be able to commend the players on their development progress at the next Virtual Coaching session.

Virtual Soccer Training Schedule & Registration

View the available Virtual Coaching Sessions and register your player for an upcoming session. For Fall Training beginning in October, 2020. The next fall training sessions begin the week of October 19, 2020. Click Register Now for dates and times. (October 19th & 21th, 20th & 22th and 24th & 25th sessions are currently available.)

Are you an experienced licensed Youth Soccer Coach? Use this link to send us an email with your Soccer resume attached. We will contact you with more information about becoming a MOTI Virtual Soccer Coach.

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