Soccer Training Platform benefits for your players, coaches and club

With MOTI Sports’ 3D Soccer Training Platform, players and coaches have access to 3D drills, 3D foot skills and practice plans. Players learn faster, coaches have better practices, and teams more success. Clubs engage and support coaches with the consistency of session/practice plan(s) across multiple teams and skill levels, Every where Mobile!

Player training apps

Player training apps

Players learn by watching and practicing. MOTI Sports has multiple player training apps filled with 3D animations. Available in 2 languages on Android and in English in iOS. Download these today for your skills development.


Training platform for individual coaches

Soccer Training Platform for individual coaches

Individual Coaches can have the same professional coaching support as the Club Coaches enjoy. Coaches can start out using either the Recreational or Competitive versions with professionally designed Practice Plans containing MOTI 3D Drills and MOTI 3D Foot Skills put together for U6, U8, U10 or U12 Boys or Girls ready to go at the beginning. You can always customize your plans as needed. Share your practice plan with your team before practice, if you desire, saving time and enhancing learning. Players you on-board can access your practice plan and view MOTI 3D Drills and Foot Skills via MOTI Mobile anytime, from anywhere. This allows for individual player development on their own time and can be monitored via our player analytics on your team page.


Training platform for clubs

Soccer Training Platform for clubs (or city & county park & rec)

Clubs can communicate consistently by providing all coaches, regardless of experience, with Practice Plans that visually & graphically communicate, eliminating the confusion of the old written session plans, often subject to interpretation. Coaches can build practice plans with MOTI 3D Drills and MOTI 3D Foot Skills, or use those plans built by the club and distributed out to them. Coaches can share practice plans with players prior to a practice, if desired. This allows for individual player development on their own time and can be monitored via our player analytics on a team by team basis. Team roster communications is included to enhance the ability to provide immediate Coach to Player feedback and coaching suggestions, all in a safe environment.

What people are saying about MOTI Sports

Sean Beggin, Ed.S.

Technical Director North Metro Soccer Association

Gen Z learns in the virtual world. If they learn math and science in this manner, why wouldn't they learn soccer skills the same way? MOTI brings technical and tactical development to kids in the mode in which they learn best!

David Tarleton

President North Metro Soccer Association

This is a game changer for us - many of our coaches at the younger ages have little to no training in soccer. MOTI allows us provide these coaches with a continuum of lesson plans they can see and understand and easily utilize. The coaches are now better prepared to meet needs of the players with developmentally appropriate soccer training.

Ian Barker

United Soccer Coaches Director of Coaching Education

Worth taking a look at for team coaches and clubs DOCs. The app is out as well. Some elegant solutions to planning and executing training with an opportunity for player engagement too. (I am not a paid spokesperson… I just know Alan Merrick does good work).

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